WE Value...

THE JOURNEY  {We intentionally connect with people at all stages of their journey with Jesus - from those exploring a relationship with God to long time followers of Jesus}


LIFE TOGETHER  {We build transparent relationships, growing together and serving one another as a multi-generational and multi-ethnic church family}

IMPACT  {We share the good news of Jesus in practical and life-changing ways: personally within our circles of influence, locally with a heart for our city, and globally, with passion for the world}

RISK-TAKING  {We are a movement of passionate Christ-followers who don’t cling to tradition or comfort, but respond quickly to God’s leading, taking sacrificial leaps of faith}

BIG CHURCH  {We eagerly partner with other Christ-following churches and ministries to glorify God, strengthen one another, impact our world, and prepare for Christ’s return}

RESTORATION  {We foster an atmosphere of love and safety, where people can discover identity in Christ and experience healing and freedom}


HOLY HABITS  {We are committed to seeking God through spiritual disciplines: studying His Word, prayer, fasting, solitude, worship, giving, serving, and resting}

WHOLE LIFE GROWTH  {We surrender to God’s complete transformation in our lives in: spirit, emotions, mind, body, and $tuff}


FAMILY  {We encourage: developing God-centered marriages, having healthy family dynamics, breaking cycles of dysfunction, and opening our homes to others}

EQUIPPING  {We empower people to fulfill their unique God-given purpose and make a difference for the Kingdom of God}