Kids Life!

We are a super-duper family-friendly church!

The goal of Kids Life is to connect children in friendship with Jesus and each other. 

We believe a child’s first church experiences should be comfortable and fun,

leaving a lasting positive impression of who God is. 

During C-19, we are unable to provide our typical KIDS LIFE experience, 

which includes age-appropriate care and instruction

by the trained and screened KIDS LIFE TEAM for the following groups:

Nursery (6 months to 2 1/2 yrs)
Preschool (2 1/2 yrs through Kindergarten)
Elementary (Grade 1 - Grade 5)

During C-19, we welcome kids to join in the Gathering!!!

Pastor Adalia will have a chat with the kids between worship and the message, 

and the kids will be given an activity sheet too! We encourage parents to bring snacks,

blankets, quiet toys - whatever makes the gathering great for your kids!