L!FE TEams

L!FE Church is not a place we go. It’s who we are.

We are a group connected by Jesus, allowing His life to move through us. As part of His body, we actively love and serve. If we are not active, we are not healthy. 

You’re invited to BE the church!  

  • Welcome

    POSITIONS// Parking Lot; Greeting; Cafe

    IDEAL TEAM MEMBER// Friendly, Welcoming, Committed, Dependable, Attentive

    TO JOIN// Qualifications: Regularly attending L!FE as home church


    Parking Lot: Set up outdoor signage and cones; Happily greet people as they arrive;

    Provide direction and assistance as needed; Open the door and guide

    people in.

    Greeting: Welcome; Hand out gathering cards; Connect in conversation with new

    friends; Hand out swag bags; Provide direction and answer questions; Assist

    in Gathering (communion, etc.); Check facility for cleanliness throughout


    Coffee Bar: Set up if on an opening Gathering; Prepare coffee; Stock water; Keep coffee

    bar and condiment tables supplied; Keep area tidy; Clean up if on a closing

    Gathering. *This team is not currently serving due to current restrictions

    Cafe (16+): Set up if on an opening Gathering; Make friendly connections with those

    ordering cafe items; Prepare specialty drinks; Work the cash register and iPad; Clean up *This team is not currently serving due to current restrictions

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  • worship

    POSITIONS// Vocalist, Instrumentalist

    IDEAL TEAM MEMBER// Heart to serve our L!FE Church Community; Heart for Worship; Musical Experience/Giftedness

    TO JOIN// Qualifications:  L!FE is home church (consistent attendance for at least 3 months); in (or pursuing) Partnership; Successful audition; Availability for Thursday night rehearsals; Commitment to participate in all 3 Gatherings when rostered.

    RESPONSIBILITIES// Follow standards and expectations according to L!FE Worship Commitment; Be on time for Thursday night rehearsals and Gatherings rostered to serve; Be teachable, humble, and ready to serve.

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  • kids life!

    POSITIONS// Team Member; Assistant Team Member

    IDEAL TEAM MEMBER/ Loves Kids (friendly with parents, too!); Punctual, fun,

    and flexible to serve wherever needed; Able to follow directions and

    support group leaders

    TO JOIN// Qualifications: L!FE Church as home church for 6 months;

    Background check required; Commitment to following Jesus and to

    guiding kids in friendship with Jesus and each other; Willing to serve on

    monthly rotation; Willing to be positioned in whatever group you are

    needed in per Gathering


    Team Member (18+)

    Partner with our families by creating a safe, loving space for children to

    learn and grow in friendship with Jesus and each other. Work closely with

    Group Leaders by helping with room set up; connecting with families and kids during check-in and free play; facilitating children’s worship experience. Connect with kids by: leading

    and guiding small group time; helping facilitate large group instruction time; supporting and taking direction from the Group Leader; helping Assistant Team Members to serve well.

    Assistant Team Member (5th - 12th grade)

    Follow the directions of the Group Leader and Team Members to help kids connect with Jesus and each other. Help lead kids by setting a great example and having fun too!

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  • production

    POSITIONS// Sound; Computer; Camera; Lights

    IDEAL TEAM MEMBER// Team player; Technically inclined; Detailed yet flexible

    TO JOIN// Qualifications: Regularly attending L!FE as home church

    Sound: Mixing experience (or aptitude) in a recorded and/or live

    environment - will use digital board

    Computer: Experience (or aptitude) with computers and/or graphic

    editing; will use Pro Presenter.

    Camera: Experience (or aptitude) using video camera and computer

    equipment to live-stream.

    Lights: Experience (or aptitude) with computers/lights; will use Light Key

    Online Host: Those in Partnership with L!FE Church are invited to join this fun team.  You will be trained to "host" our online Gatherings during one of our 3 Gathering times.


    Follow procedural checklist and manuals; Be teachable, humble, and

    ready to serve; Sound person attends Thursday night rehearsals and is

    available for all three Gatherings. Computer person is available either for

    both Sunday Gatherings, or Tuesday night Gatherings. Camera person is available for both Sunday Gatherings.

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  • youth

    IDEAL TEAM MEMBER// Fun, Loves Youth, Committed, Flexible, Responsible

    TO JOIN// Qualifications: Ready and willing to make a difference in the lives of youth; example of a Christ-follower to youth; background check required.

    RESPONSIBILITIES// Be a regular presence in the lives of the youth by helping out at least twice a month on Friday nights (approximately 6:30-9pm); Be available to transport or chaperone students for special events.

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  • clean team

    IDEAL TEAM MEMBER// Committed, dependable, enjoys serving behind the scenes

    TO JOIN// Qualifications: Regularly attending L!FE as home church; Happy to clean with others to provide a warm & tidy space.

    RESPONSIBILITIES// Work with others one week night per month to provide a "deep clean" for the space; detailing all areas; possibly helping with special projects from time to time.

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